5 Tips For Getting My Car Ready For Summer

Are You Ready For Summer?

With Spring comes thoughts of Summer road trips, and after the harsh condition of Winter your vehicle needs a good check-over to get setup for worry-free Summer driving. Taking some simple steps to take care of basic maintenance not only reduces the overall wear and tear of your vehicle, but contributes significantly to your comfort and safety. Here’s 5 tips for getting my car ready for Summer from the experts at Lexus of Edmonton in Edmonton, AB.

Check Your Tires

If you are like most sensible Canadians, there are Winter tires on your car that need to be switched out for the Summer. Make sure your Summer tires are well inspected for wear and damage before being installed. If you are running the same all-season tires all year, give them a stringent inspection to assess whether or not new summer tires are a prudent purchase, and if not yet necessary, make sure that the tire pressure is set to the manufacturer's specification.

Top Up Your Air Conditioner

Reliable air-conditioning has come to be a sought after amenity during the hot summer months. Test it to ensure correct functioning, which means cold air delivered rapidly and with no strange noises or odors. If it doesn’t seem to be performing adequately, have it checked out by your auto dealer. The system may need cleaning, have a leak or may just need to be recharged.

Check Your Windshield

Check the condition of your windshield for cracks or pockmarks from clearing off ice or stone chips. If it’s damaged, try your best to have it fixed or otherwise replaced if possible as a damaged windshield can pose a dangerous commodity in any collision situation. Also check the condition of your wiper blades - ice on the windshield usually wears down the rubber or plastic edge needed to keep the windshield streak free and to efficiently clear it in heavy rain. Top-up your windshield washer fluid reservoir with fluid designed specially to clear bug residue, rather than to prevent freezing.

Check Under The Hood

There is a lot under there, and its maintenance is critical to the vehicle and to your comfort and safety. If not fully confident yourself, have your auto dealer do these checks. Check your battery for any build up of white granular detritus and brush it off with an old tooth brush to keep the contacts clean. Get your oil changed, even if you haven't travelled the distance specified in your automobile handbook it’s still a good idea to start the season with fresh lubricant. Check your coolant level to ensure that it is exactly the level indicated on the side of the coolant tank when hot and cold, and ensure top-up if needed. Also, check your brake fluid level in the same manner to ensure that it is at or slightly below the maximum fluid level indicated.

Inspect The Bodywork

Closely go over the vehicle front to back to inspect for nicks and other damage to the paintwork that may eventually lead to corrosion. An effective way to do this is a good old fashioned car wash with a wash mitt or an old towel, a bucket of suds and the garden hose. Clean off the winter residue and salt buildup, and apply a protective coat of car wax. Now your vehicle looks sharp and is ready for Summer!

Ready For Summer at Lexus of Edmonton

After the harsh conditions of Winter, your vehicle needs a good checkover and to get setup for those weekend getaways. It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on your vehicle yourself, but if you need any help Lexus of Edmonton is always ready to help you get your car ready for Summer. Visit us at 11204 170 Street NW, Edmonton, AB, or give our expert Service Staff a call at (780) 466-8300 today to Book a Service Appointment.