7 Winter Tune-up Tips

Winter is Coming

There is a fair amount of work that goes into getting ready for winter. Whether it is winterizing a trailer or RV, getting your yard cleaned up before snow, or even changing your furnace filter, there are steps an individual should take to be ready for the cold months ahead. Today we are going to look at a few tips to keep in mind when it comes to getting your vehicle winter ready.

Pre-Season Tune Up

One of the simplest and most helpful things you can do for your vehicle in preparation for winter, is to take it for a tune-up before the winter actually hits. If there are existing problems with the vehicle, the harsh conditions of winter will only serve to amplify them. So be sure to get your vehicle checked out before something goes wrong.

Windshield 101

The key to staying safe in the winter is to ensure you have good visibility while driving. Two things to help you do that are to switch over to a winter washer fluid as well as change out your wiper blades. Winter washer fluid is simply designed to not freeze up in cold weather. With the low temperatures and constant grime/ice on the roads, wiper blades can deteriorate fast. So make sure to change them out near the beginning of the winter months.

Emergency Kit

At all times, but especially during the winter, you should pack an emergency kit in your vehicle. This will often contain non-perishable food, blankets, flares, jumper cables, first aid kit, a small shovel, and other useful items. You can find numerous kits for purchase or assemble your own. Hopefully you will never need these items, but better to have and not need, then need and not have.

Check your Battery

The cold winter temperatures combined with the potential for your vehicle to be sitting for long periods of time can put a lot of strain on your battery. Before the winter fully sets in you should check your battery to make sure that it is free of any corrosion or wear, and that it still carries a strong charge.

Oil Change

Similar to a battery, starting a vehicle in cold temperatures can be hard on your engine especially with old oil in it. You also want to consider getting a “winter weight” oil as it will aid in the engine’s ability to start and run with minimal issue in the cold.

Winter Tires

This is perhaps the most important tune up tip for winter. You want to make sure to invest in good snow tires. These will help with stability, handling and safety on the icy roads of winter. If you already have good tires, you will still want to get the treads checked before winter and make sure that your alignment and balancing is appropriate as well.

Winterize With Lexus of Edmonton

This winter, stay safe by making sure to properly winterize your ride before the inevitable ice, snow, and cold temperatures set in. Our friendly service staff at Lexus of Edmonton at 1204 170 Street NW, Edmonton, are always happy to answer any questions or to help you keep your vehicle as happy as possible through the cold months. Book at appointment today to get yourself started.