Arctic Coating Edmonton

Arctic Coating at Lexus of Edmonton

Lexus of Edmonton has partnered up with Arctic Coating Canada to be the exclusive certified installers for the Edmonton and area. This amazing premium ceramic coating product is not like anything else and will last up to 24 months with proper maintenance. The process takes about 3 hours to apply and cure and then the vehicle must sit for 12 hours.

What is Arctic Coating?

Arctic Coating is a nanoceramic glass coating; designed in Oslo, Norway to protect your vehicles paintwork from the year-round exposure from our environment. It’s durable, chemical resistant, glossy and easy to maintain. The coating is made from a proprietary Si02 formula that is durable, chemical resistant, extremely glossy, and easy to maintain!  It’s inspired by the arctic climate which protects paintwork from year round exposure which is perfect for Edmonton and Alberta vehicles!

Why Arctic Coating?

Automotive paintwork is very fragile. Unprotected, it is susceptible to swirls, marring, micro and minor scratches from something unassuming such as car washes. To make matters worse, the daily exposure to the seasonal elements cause premature wear and corrosion.

There have only been short term solutions to protect automotive paint and the technology has basically stayed the same, until now!

Nanotechnology has made it possible to design a coating strong enough to protect against harsh weather, salt, strong chemicals and other harmful things. By designing microscopic structures that chemically bond o clear coat, Norse nana solutions created a 2 part ceramic coating that is comparable to glass and has liquid repelling features that performs almost identical to a lotus leaf.

A Protective Solution

  • Extremely durable liquid glass barrier that protects automotive paint wrk from the salty harsh exposure of our environment
  • Chemical resistant: bird droppings, tree sap, acid rain, road salt, road paint
  • UV rays, oxidation, temperature, and corrosion resistant – Prevents paint from fading
  • Enhances gloss and depth, while leaving clear coated surfaces slick to the touch
  • Offers light scratch resistance as the glass barrier slightly increases the hardness of the surface its applied to
  • Reduces time and effort required to wash and dry the vehicle
  • Repels water by causing water to bead up and roll off the surface similar to a lotus leaf

2 Step Nano Ceramic Paint Protection

Arctic Base

The base is what creates a protective barrier between the clear coat and the outer elements. its hardness of 9H at the pencil test scale due to its Si02 process formula. This layer bonds with the paint and can only be removed by wear and tear overtime. No chemicals will damage the coating.

Arctic Top

The top coat also has Si02 properties, but it is designed to add a slick mirror-like gloss, colour depth, and incredible water repellency. An application of top coat causes liquids to bead up and roll off the surface; taking away loose contaminates with it.


The cost is around $1495. Price is subject to change depending on the size of the vehicle and the level of paint corrections that is required as well. Reasonable paint corrections and standard polish is included in the price. For an accurate quote we would have to take a look at the vehicle.