How to Finance a Car

Finance a Car at Lexus of Edmonton.

Are you looking to Finance at car? Figuring out what the best route to go with when considering purchasing a vehicle can be stressful. We want to assure you, that we take the stress out of buying a used or new vehicle at Lexus  of Edmonton. Financing a car with us is made easy with us as we will present all the options and answers to all your questions and concerns that you may have.

We have a dedicated team member here at Lexus of Edmonton who specializes in unique credit situations. We have extensive knowledge and experience and has worked on thousands of credit applications. We work  for you to ensure you are provided with the right options  and information for whatever your credit history may be. We have a long history of being the most trusted Dealership in Canada so you can rest assure we will get you the best financing options available.

Bad Credit, No Credit, Credit Rebuilding, New to Canada Car Loans and More!

Lexus of Edmonton has solutions for almost every credit situation. Our number one priority is to ensure that you are able to get the financing that you need. We understand that not everyone has a perfect credit score. If you are having problems getting approved or think you may not qualify traditionally through a regular bank loan, our credit specialist John will assess your situation and connect you with lenders so he can help you get in a vehicle that you deserve. This is done through Lexus of Edmonton's great reputation in the automobile industry. This helps us get the BEST vehicle loan options for you that may not necessarily be available at the banks.  You can rest assured that we will work hard from you. Please see our review section and read hundreds of reviews of our guests that we have helped!

Payment Calculator

To start the loan process, we are going to need some information from you.  Please fill out the application on this page to start the process. In our online application, there are 2 steps. Step One is general information and Step 2 is more in depth details that the banks need to start your application. Please note that both are 100% secure and we advanced and encrypted security measures. We also have other methods you can apply if you feel more secure providing your information that way.

What Will You Need?

  • Proof of Employment and Income
  • Driver’s License
  • Current Address
  • Bank Account
  • Down Payment Amount: Please note you don't necessarily need a downpayment for getting a loan. It is recommend but not a must. Once you fill out the application and the lenders get back to us, we will have a clearer picture to get you approved.

Some Frequently asked Questions:

How much can I get pre-approved for?

The amount that you can get pre-approved for depends on several different factors. Our financial specialist work on your behalf to get you the perfect vehicle that fits within your budget.

Do I qualify?

Everyone is qualified for a car loan, each auto loan will have different terms and conditions for approvals. It’s in our best interest to find out guests the best terms and conditions available from all lenders. All you need is a steady income and a stable residence we can get you approved.

How do I apply?

Here at Lexus of Edmonton, we want this process to be as stress free as possible. Easiest way to apply is either online or in person. Apply by filling out the form above (all information is secured and we do not resell it like the other guys) to get your driving in a new vehicle TODAY!

How long does it take?

It will take less than 5 minutes to fill our free application online or over the phone. Once the information has been submitted an approval will be issued within 1 business day. You will be contacted by our financial specialist directly to confirm information submitted to the lenders.

What will my interest rate be?

We work directly with all the major lenders allowing us to provide the lowest rate available to our guests. Banks assess risk depending on credit, and each lender has different guidelines. Our finance specialist are pros at getting the best rate from lenders with different tactics developed from years of experience.

How much is my payment?

Your payments will depend on what vehicle you decide to go with. Many people always assume that your payment will be lower on an older vehicle when many times a newer vehicle has a smaller payment because of a longer term. Our specialist work directly with you to go over a budget that works for you in order to establish your credit. We will never push you into a vehicle payment that is more than what you can afford.

How much of a down payment would I need?

In most cases there is no down payment needed. A down payment will decrease the sale price, in turn decreasing you monthly payment. Every approval is different but a down payment is not generally required.

Our Finance Partners

Lexus of Edmonton has extensive long term relationships with leading lending institutions. We will work our hardest for you to get the best rates from the best lenders. Our bank lenders that we work with include:

Lexus Financial Services
Scotia Dealer Advantage
Service Credit Union
ATB Financial
First Calgary


BMO Financial
TD Canada Trust
RBC Royal Bank
First Access