Future Lexus Models

Future Lexus Models

A Forward Looking Company

Part of the Lexus Motors’ values is perpetual growth as a company, and part of this philosophy includes exploring new ideas and concepts towards what the automobile industry and vehicles themselves may look like a few years in the future from now. Today, Lexus of Edmonton will take a brief look at some of the future Lexus models on the belt.


Arriving in late 2015, the new redesigned 2016 RX crossover brings forward a chiseled exterior, luxurious interior, awe-inspiring performance and handling, and a full suite of safety technologies. Unique to the new RX model is the addition of the Hybrid F SPORT package, which includes Lexus’ patented Hybrid technology, as well as a slew of sport-enhancements including interior and exterior embellishments, as well as an Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) system, which help keep the vehicle grounded to the surface while driving by continuously adjusting

For more info and pictures of the RX and other future Lexus models, visit http://www.lexus.ca/lexus/en/automobiles/future-models#rx


Making its global debut at the 2015 American International Auto Show (NAIS), the new GS F is unveiled as the newest high performance sedan to join the Lexus “F” line. The GS F was designed with the spirit of performance in mind; everything from its ergonomic exterior to the 5.0-liter V8 engine inside is designed to work together in unison with the goal of turning out an impressive power output and seamless handling to go along with it. The GF S in fact is capable of putting out 467 horsepower and over 389 lb-ft of torque. Performance aside, luxury and elegance are words that the GF S holds in high virtue, using only high-grade materials and design elements from head to toe.

For more info and pictures of the GS F and other future Lexus models, visit http://www.lexus.ca/lexus/en/automobiles/future-models#gs-f

LF-SA Concept

The Lexus Future Small Adventurer (LF-SA) is Lexus’ manifestation of their re-imagined driving experience in the urban setting by way of an ultra-compact vehicle. It can be imaged as a sort of 2-seat crossover vehicle, providing the advantages of both philosophies. Appearance wise, the Europe-based Lexus design studio ED2 went out of their way to give the LF-SA concept an edgy menacing look from the outside, while keeping the elegance of Lexus standards strong in the interior.

For more info and pictures of the LF-SA Concept and other future Lexus models, visit http://www.lexus.ca/lexus/en/automobiles/future-models#lf-sa

LF-C2 Concept

The LF-C2 is Lexus’ new convertible concept vehicle first revealed at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show. This new open-air concept is regarded as an exploration of new themes that inspire the Lexus brand of both today and tomorrow around an edgy new sports vehicle. This 4-seater roadster is designed to be quite spacious for the passengers who should find themselves comfortable sitting in bold white leather seating that hug to their form. Comfort aside, the LF-C2 is designed to look stunning from every angle with a high amount of detail put into every facet of its design.

For more info and pictures of the LF-C2 Concept and other future Lexus models, visit http://www.lexus.ca/lexus/en/automobiles/future-models#lf-c2

LF-LC Concept

Those looking for a stunning vehicle in all aspects should turn their eyes towards the LF-LC Concept from Lexus. A Hybrid 2+2 Sports Coupe designed to compete with the best of them showcases all facets of Lexus design and innovation. Leveraging an incredibly light body mass achieved by using carbon fibre and aluminum alloy materials, the LF-LC delivers a stunningly swift response to driver inputs, making it nothing but a joy to drive. The LF-LC features a glass-to-glass roof panel inspired by modern architecture, and rear taillights that take after the appearance of jet afterburners. Beyond the appearance, the advanced development of Lexus Hybrid Drive in the LF-LC combines a gas engine with electric motors capable of delivering 445 horsepower, making it the most powerful of any Lexus hybrid while paying its respect to the environment simultaneously.

For more info and pictures of the LF-LC Concept and other future Lexus models, visit http://www.lexus.ca/lexus/en/automobiles/future-models#lf-lc