History of Lexus Motors

A Short History of Lexus Motors

How It All Started

To start the history of Lexus we go back to the year 1983, when a Japanese entrepreneur by the name of Eiji Toyoda, the Chairman of the Toyota Motor Company announced their objective to build the best car in the world. Toyota began a project code-named Flagship One (F1) with the goal of expanding Toyota’s product line. Development of the F1 continued until it was released as the first Lexus, the model LS 400 in 1989. Following this, the brand has subsequently developed into the well-respected line of luxury cars that exists today.

The First Vehicle

The first vehicle to be developed during the Flagship One project was the Lexus LS 400. The LS400 was unique in the sense that it shared no main elements with any vehicle the Toyota Motor Company had produced in the past. An elaborate team involving close to a hundred designers, over a thousand engineers and over two thousand technicians took part in developing an extremely high standard vehicle. In its release year, the LS400 beat out both the Mercedes-Benz 420 SE and BMW 735i as reviewed by Car and Driver Magazine.

Entry Into the US Market

After the development of the car, insightful adverts were made across the media by a specialist team of marketing experts named “Team One”. The Lexus LS 400 made entry into the US market during the North American Auto Show that was held in Detroit in the year 1989. Although Acura had entered the US market as a brand new brand about three years before, the Lexus 400 attracted many customers because of its unique appearance, highly positive reviews and low price point compared to the vehicles it was being compared against.

Growth and Innovation

Lexus was powerful, reliable and economic. It began to compete with other powerful European cars like BMW and Mercedes Benz. The increased demand for the Lexus resulted to a huge drop in the sale of the European import cars. 81 dealers were recruit to expand the brand. In the first years, Lexus was ranked the top luxury car that sold many units. In the year 1991, Toyota developed new models for the Lexus including the ES 300 sedan and the SC 400 coupe. In the year 1996, Toyota introduced the Lexus LX 450. In 2005, they developed a new improved model Lexus RX 400h which had a hybrid driving system that attracted many new customers, as well as continued their journey as a forward-thinking company in terms of outlining the important aspects of what the car of tomorrow will need.

Fast Forward

Things were going fine with the Lexus. By the year 2007, Lexus had entered over 50 countries selling their product in the millions. With one of the most powerful engines and transmissions the car became a top selling luxury car in Asia, Australia, South America and Europe. Toyota began investing billions of money researching with an aim to come up with a world class, more comfortable and luxury Lexus car.

A Future with Lexus

Toyota’s vision is the pursuit for perfection. This statement boldly explains how Toyota is firmly objected to developing the best cars for their consumers. They are in fact the largest vehicle manufacturer in the world currently. Based on their impressive history of aggressive business strategies and value for innovation, there is no doubt that Toyota will continue to exceed expectations in the world of both luxury and non-luxury vehicles. Lexus of Edmonton in Edmonton Alberta proudly displays the new lineup of Lexus vehicles, as well as Certified Pre-Owned Lexus Vehicles as well, so we always encourage you to come down and have a look at what Lexus has become to date to experience it for yourself. Just fill out the form below with your information and have an appointment book to try a brand new or Certified Pre-Owned Lexus vehicle today.