Hybrid Maintenance Myths

Hybrid Maintenance Myths

15 Years of Hybrid in Canada

Since the year 2000, the Toyota Motor Company has been populating Canadian roads with vehicles equipped with Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive technology – a step towards a future of cleaner and more efficient operating vehicles. While the public may in general have grown familiar with the brands using hybrid technology, such as the Prius, Camry and Highlander, many are still unfamiliar with how hybrids operate and what kinds of additional maintenance (or lack thereof) owning a Hybrid vehicle may require.

Debunking Some Myths

New technology is often taken with a hint of hesitance in regards to maintaining expensive new parts. Consumers may however be surprised to learn that Hybrid vehicles do not in fact cost more to maintain than your standard mechanical car, in fact Hybrid vehicles in principle require fewer moving mechanical parts to accomplish what your normal vehicle does, this translates down to less overall maintenance and subsequently lower maintenance costs in the long run.

The Run Down

Typically, people tend to inclined to purchase Hybrid vehicles thinking they will save money on fuel costs, but don’t always realize they stand to gain similar savings on hybrid vehicle maintenance costs. Hybrid’s use fewer conventional motor components such as starters, alternators and drive belts, decreasing the overall amount of moving pieces at the core of the vehicle. In addition, some traditional parts such as the transmission also have fewer moving parts inside.

Regenerative Braking

In addition to having fewer moving parts, hybrid vehicles use a regenerative braking system, which allows the motor to gain power through its braking process. This in turn leads to longer life for brake rotors and brake pads while saving and using energy that would otherwise be wasted.

Lexus Warranty

To make an effort to ease the concerns of Lexus guests, Toyota offers an 8-year warranty on all hybrid components that spans 160,000 kilometers. This includes parts which typically inspire unease in customers new to hybrids, such as the battery. Though battery concerns come up often enough in discussions concerning hybrid vehicle maintenance, Toyota can assure that out of all the hybrid vehicles they have sold in Canada to date, 99% of them still use their original batteries.

Test Drive a Lexus Hybrid Vehicle

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