Lexus at 2016 Canadian Auto Shows

Experience Lexus

Like a few other auto makers, Lexus has always been more than just a car company. They are a brand and an identity that exemplifies luxury, personality, and accessibility. Whether it is through introducing new lower priced models, or diversifying into other markets such as SUV’s and subcompact crossovers, Lexus is constantly striving to allow drivers to truly explore the brand. In 2016, Lexus will take that to the next level by attending car shows in seven major Canadian cities, allowing drivers and fans to experience Lexus’ award winning performance and design first hand. Plan your visit with Lexus at 2016 Canadian Auto Shows.

The Cities

Lexus will be attending Auto Shows in seven major cities across Canada. From Jan 15 – 24, they were already on the road, starting off in Montreal. On Feb 12 – 21 they will be in Toronto and then moving to Qubec for March 1-6. They travel to Calgary from March 9 – 13 before heading to the nation’s capital of Ottawa from March 17- 20. Immediately after the show in Ottawa ends, they head to the west coast and visit Vancouver from March 23 – 27. They end their auto show dates in Edmonton from April 7 – 11..

What to Expect

An Auto Show can be a great place to see all sorts of new vehicle concepts, current models, accessories, add-ons, and so much more.  Everything from a live auction to the top names in automotive detailing supplies attend these shows. For Lexus specifically, their goal is to introduce their newest designs and ideas to the crowds at the various shows. This includes bringing different vehicles to each show for auto enthusiasts to check out or even sit in. These vehicles will showcase the Lexus luxury and performance. Also a part of the show, is various virtual reality experiences that allow Lexus to highlight where they are heading into the future. Finally, Lexus will be connecting with attendees at the show, and even those who can’t make it through live social media updates including Twitter and Periscope video streaming from the show floor. So get out to an auto show near you and take in the very best of Lexus today, as well as the plans and designs for the future.