Pick Your Package

For decades now it has been a standard practice to offer a variety of different options, accessories, features, and even specifications on a vehicle based on which package you select. These have carried hundreds of different names or designations depending on which automaker you are buying from and even what vehicle you are looking to purchase. Lexus has decided to create a singular brand that represents the message they are trying to convey. This brand is F SPORT.

At a Glance

The key takeaway from Lexus’ F SPORT is that they are trying to deliver a top of the line experience that showcases their passion for luxury and excellence. F SPORT itself refers to the wide variety of accessories, packages, and features that are geared to comfort and overall performance. These upgrades are interior and exterior based and even include various enhancements developed in partnership with Toyota Racing to truly capture that performance element. The specific upgrades and changes depend on which model of Lexus you are viewing. The NX 200t will have a different F SPORT package than the GS 350, but in both cases, a higher degree of luxury and performance will be the end result.

Exterior Upgrades

The exterior components of F SPORT are the most noticeable for obvious reasons. These upgrades are available on nearly every Lexus model at this point, and you can spot them easily because they are marked with F SPORT badges plus the addition of a mesh grille, fancier rims, and on some models, a stylish spoiler or exhaust system. Other upgrades that are not noticeable at a glance but certainly get noticed as a driver include bake upgrades, enhanced shocks, lowered springs, and even an F SPORT clutch.

On the Inside

The interior upgrades are options that truly define the luxury that is Lexus. This includes top of the line leather seats, a 3-spoke steering wheel, paddle shifters, and even a different shifter knob. These elements are in addition to all the other lower end Lexus accessories such as 10 speaker sound system, full voice activation on the navigation and entertainment system, heated seats and steering wheel, and so much more.

What’s In a Name?

By coining the term F SPORT across all their models, Lexus has developed a recognizable identity to their top of the line performance and luxury. Whenever you see an F SPORT car, you immediately recognize that extra “something” that sets it apart. If you are shopping for a Lexus of any type, be sure to check out what the F SPORT package adds to your vehicle.