Custom Shoes by Zapato Sanchez


Master of Design

In this Lexus Master Class Series, one Master who we are honoured to spotlight, is Rodrigo Sanchez from Custom Shoes by Zapato Sanchez. This small family run business in West Edmonton Mall was started by Rodrigo’s father, Julio, and has since been passed down to him. Through his studies in Milan, and working alongside his father, his passion for men’s wear has grown exponentially. By pursuing this business Rodrigo has managed to create a large following through their media channels, and by creating genuine connections. By having Rodrigo be our Master of Design, we knew that he had already mastered his techniques, but we wanted to see what his keen eye thought of ours. As he mentioned in the video, he appreciated the leather interior of the IS 350, one of which is crafted to be luxurious, sporty and aesthetically pleasing. These hand-made custom shoes will make anyone feel luxurious and unique in every way, which is why we knew we had to showcase this amazing brand.

Zapato Shoes Zapato Shoes Zapato Shoes Zapato Shoes