Empire Salon


Master of Experiences

In this Lexus Master Class Series, we are honoured to showcase Shawna Russell, who is the owner of Empire Salon. After 15 years of hairstyling, she chose to open her own salon and has been very successful in doing so. Her outgoing, genuine, and funny nature makes visiting her salon an experience you won’t forget. All of her staff warmly welcome each guest who walks in, just as we do at Lexus of Edmonton. Shawna shares our Lexus passion of wanting people to ‘Experience Amazing.’ Not only is she a Master of Hair, but she is a Master of Experiences. Her and her staff create bonds with those who receive a styling there, but also with those online. She has grown her social media presence greatly, which has contributed to adding a personalized experience for many people who have not been to the salon in person. We knew that her special personality, and driven entrepreneurial nature was one that needed to be in the spotlight. So, if you are looking for a fresh look, or a simple pampering, check out their website or instagram to see all of the talent showcased there!