Master of Strength

Our Lexus Master Class Series is showcasing someone who can relate to our passion of having strong, rugged, and unique vehicles. By being the Master of Strength, Jeff Law has not only created an active lifestyle for himself, but also assists in creating a fitness journey for others. Jeff and his wife started Spin Unity, and have since created a successful place for people to start, or continue, on their fitness in a fun and exciting environment. The music, lights, motivational talks and more, all lead to one entertaining spin class. There are a variety of classes you can take, depending on what type of workout you choose to have; however, there is a guarantee it will be a very sweaty time! Not only is Jeff a Master of Strength, but also of relationships. After his class, Jeff walks around to each individual, hands them a towel, and gives them a high five. We at Lexus appreciate this type of action as it creates a bond with those who are most valuable. Now are you ready to join the Spin family?