Lexus NX 200t

Lexus NX 200t at Lexus of Edmonton

Since its introduction earlier this year, the Lexus NX 200t has proven to be a very successful luxury utility vehicle. Its overall sales have continued to increase and its popularity has grown steadily. It seems to be the perfect blend of the luxury that you would expect from Lexus with the sensibility you need in an utility vehicle. Today at Lexus of Edmonton, we will take a closer look at what the NX 200t has to offer and why it may be a good vehicle option for so many drivers out there.

The Luxury

Lexus has earned its reputation for providing a luxurious ride in all of its vehicles and the NX 200t is no exception. One of the first things that drivers notice is how quiet the overall ride is. There is minimal road noise or engine noise which helps to aid with the overall comfort of the experience. In addition, the ride is comfortable primarily due to the design of the interior which seems to have a solid grasp on the perfect placement of seats, wheel, and console. The seats themselves carry the comfort you would expect from a Lexus and even though the NX 200t is a smaller SUV, it never feels as compact as it additionally appears. The overall look of a vehicle comes down to personal preference, but the NX 200t certainly appears to be one of the more sophisticated looking luxury utilities currently on the market. Both in the interior and exterior, the NX 200t has a very clean yet upscale look.

The Turbo

One of the biggest achievements and draws of the 200t is the turbo engine that it sports. The small turbo four performs near flawlessly in its production of effortless power with no lag in the turbo. There is no dual-clutch transmission which means the overall ride is incredibly smooth when shifting gears or in and out the turbo. In addition, NX 200t has a drive mode selector which allows the driver to fine tune their experience. The ECO option reduces the overall power and acceleration of the vehicle in favor of better mileage, where-as the sport mode allows for the full potential of the turbo engine to be appreciated. The normal mode sits comfortably in the middle and still is more than enough of a luxury yet power packed drive for the average driver.

The Practicality

The NX 200t takes the practicality of the Rav 4 and maintains it despite the upgrade in luxury. The rear seats are comfortably spaced to still provide more than enough room for passengers. The rear luggage area is incredibly spacious, able to fit a full sized bicycle without having to remove the front tire. Its overall drive is very stable with handling and cornering both combining the feeling of luxury and safety. In addition, numerous features of the various trim packages are available for purchase as a single item. So if you are partial to certain features as part of your SUV experience, you can customize as needed. Despite its more compact looking exterior, the NX 200t provides more than enough space and combines it neatly with a luxurious appearance and overall drive.