2016 Lexus GX

Monster Mid-Size

The 2016 GX 460 is Lexus’ mid-sized SUV. It is noticeably smaller than the LX 570 but is similar in its truck based platform and overall look. In a market that sees numerous manufacturers going towards a more refined or sleek looking SUV, the GX 460 continues to stand out as a solid boxy looking SUV that truly looks and feels like it could handle serious off-roading. Let’s take a closer look at the various features of the 2016 GX 460.

Lexus Luxury

Even though the exterior design is very solid and “truck like”, it still carries a number of the luxury touches that Lexus is known for. Whether it is the chrome trim, the stylish running boards, or even the various high end rims available, there is no doubt that this vehicle fits the Lexus brand. This is doubly true for the interior. The design and accents combined with the console set up all show off luxury. The front seats themselves are very comfortable and there is fantastic head and leg room in the front and rear seats. The third seating row is a bit cramped, but otherwise the interior is a step above other mid-sized SUV’s especially when it comes to the smoothness and quietness of the ride.

Vehicle Specs

The 2016 Lexus GX 460 has a 301 horsepower V8 that has plenty of power and towing capacity to match its truck like design and performance. A 6 speed automatic provides rapid yet smooth shifts to ensure even power in any gear. The vehicle comes equipped with full time four-wheel drive makes use of a Torsen center differential to properly adjust power to the back tires when needed. The standard operating of the four-wheel drive is to deliver 60% of the power to the back tires, but that amount goes up as needed depending on acceleration demands and driving conditions. Speaking of driving conditions, the GX 460 comes equipped with numerous electronic driving aids that all aid in control and performance under any sort of driving conditions. Whether it is wet pavement, mud, sand, or snow, you will always feel confident and safe in your driving.

Other Technology

The standard GX 460 has all the normal infotainment and safety features you would expect in a mid-sized SUV, especially come from Lexus. However, upgrading to a higher end model will add features such as Intuitive Park assist, rear seat entertainment options, and a much more impressive surround sound system. Also additional safety features such as collision detection, dynamic cruise control, lane departure, and many more. Overall, the GX 460 ensures you have all the technology you would expect from any other SUV, with the addition of all the extras you would come to expect from Lexus.