L Finesse Design

‘L’ For Leading Edge

L Finesse is Lexus design, defining the core character of all our vehicles and products. With the three areas we look into when starting out a design; Seamless Anticipation, Incisive Simplicity and Intriguing Elegance, we break down what it means to build a luxurious vehicle that stands out above the rest and defining the Lexus brand.

Seamless Anticipation

A core component of L Finesse is anticipated the customer's real needs and desires. Creating unique and personal vehicle experiences for all customers is a must, which goes into our anticipation when designing our products. We believe in placing the customer first, and this goes all the way back to the beginnings of design when structuring a vehicle.

Incisive Simplicity

With removing extraneous elements, we believe designing vehicles should come down to simplicity, reducing needless components to get down to the core structure and surface of the vehicle. With cutting down needless complexity, we can move to the core purity of purpose and expression.

Intriguing Elegance

With a careful juxtaposition of opposite elements, L Finesse shows true elegance with depth that appeals to all senses. The more you look at a Lexus, the more it captures and holds attention. From elegant bodywork to intriguing detail, each vehicle we design stands out with a boldness of expression.

A Future In Design

We believe with these three core philosophies, Lexus stands above the competition when it comes to leading edge design and technology with finesse. It is always our goal for L Finesse to be the pure embodiment of Seamless Anticipation, Incisive Simplicity and Intriguing Elegance.

L Finesse at Lexus of Edmonton

To learn more about our L Finesse design and approach to our vehicles, come down to talk more at Lexus of Edmonton. Our dealership is open from 9am to 7pm Monday to Thursday and Friday/Saturday from 9am to 530pm. Design is the forefront of our line-ups, and we’d love to show you the vehicles in person. Visit us at 11204 170 Street NW, Edmonton, AB, or give us a call at (780) 466-8300 today.