Winter Maintenance Tips

Do-It-Yourself Autumn Car Maintenance Tips from Lexus of Edmonton

Winter is just around the corner and with it will come cold weather and more trying road conditions. Doing some simple winter car maintenance can help ensure that your car is running properly to keep you safe on the road during the cold and wet months. While there isn’t much better than bringing your vehicle in for our Certified Technicians to look over, here are some simple yet useful maintenance tips from us at Lexus of Edmonton that you can perform yourself at home to get a head start.

Have Your Vehicle Detailed

This simple step is a quick and easy way to start your fall maintenance. The summer dirt and bugs not only deface the beauty of your ride but also become harder to remove once the cold gets to them.  A detail will make your car look and feel like new, plus spotting any potential problems will be easier when everything in nice and tidy.

Check Your Fluid Levels

Ensure that all vital fluids have been checked and topped up. This includes windshield washer, transmission, brake, and power steering fluids; make sure they are all at proper levels so your car is running efficiently.  Stock up on additional washer fluid, and make sure to use varieties that are suitable for winter driving conditions.

Inspect the Cooling System

When the engine is cold it is recommended to check the coolant levels in the overflow tank. If you notice that the levels are below a safe minimum, make a 50/50 solution of coolant and water and add it to the tank.  Make sure you have enough anti-freeze for your vehicle to get through the winter.

Open the Hood and Perform a Visual Inspection

A thorough check under the hood will inform you of any immediate issues the vehicle may have, while alerting you to potential future problems via certain signs of wear. Ensure that there are no leaks, cracks, or drying in the hoses and belts do not have any fraying.  Look around for anything which may have come loose, such as bolts, which may require further inspection.

Check the Condition of the Battery

Unless you have the luxury of consistent, reliable heated parking then it is important to have a fully charged battery before the cold weather approaches.  In order to start your car in cold weather a full battery is highly recommended. You can check the battery charge manually, or have a technician inspect it to determine if a recharge or replacement is necessary.

Confirm the Heater and Defroster are Working Optimally

It is a quick check to make sure that the heaters and defrosters are all working properly.  Check all of the vents with the fans on maximum to determine if there is any issue with the air flow or temperature.  If you notice any that are not working then booking an appointment is recommended as your windows may become foggy and decrease visibility while driving.

Visually Inspect Your Tires and Test Your Brakes

Harsh winters mean a higher likelihood of poor road conditions caused by ice and deep snow.  It is vital to your safety and others who share the road that both the tires and brakes on your vehicle are functioning properly.  Check that the treads on your winter tires are deep enough for safe traction, and that there are no visible uneven signs of wear.  If your braking feels soft or there is any noise such as screeching, this is a likely indicator that some maintenance is required.

Change Your Engine Oil

There is good reason many people change their engine oil in the spring and fall; it is to be confident that your engine oil is ready to handle the winter conditions. You can check if your filter needs replacing by shining a 60 watt light bulb through the filter. If you can’t see light through the filter, it is time to be replaced.  Making sure engine can function smoothly will help reduce the strain on the vehicle when starting in cold weather conditions.

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Here at Lexus of Edmonton we know how tough the winter months can be on our cars.  Fall is the time to keep up with your car maintenance before the cold weather comes so you can drive confidently  this winter.  We provided some simple, common tips that you can do yourself to check that your car is running properly.  If you are unsure of anything or have any additional questions regarding fall maintenance please talk with your Lexus professional. Come visit Lexus of Edmonton at 11204 170 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5S 2X1 or call our expert Service Staff at (780) 466-8300 today for more information.