Warranty and Exchange Policies for Used Vehicles

Feel Safe With Lexus of Edmonton

Here at Lexus of Edmonton, it is important to us for all our customers to feel not only ecstatic about their new vehicle purchase, but also equally safe and protected from any looming threats of mechanical mishaps. Most people rightfully expect this when buying a new vehicle, but often times the lines become blurred when it comes to used and previously owned vehicles.

As of last month (June 2015), Lexus of Edmonton is pleased to offer warranty and exchange policies for all of our vehicles, this includes both new and used vehicles alike, so you can feel safe driving off the lot in a Lexus without having to worry about any around-the-corner break downs. Here’s so more information regarding our new policies.

Exchange Policies

Our new exchange policies are quite simple. In the event that the car you purchased demonstrates substantial mechanical problems in the first 30 days or 2000 kilometers of ownership (whichever comes first), you may qualify for a replacement. All you do is bring it back to us, fill out the paperwork and have it inspected by one of our certified technicians. You may then select an available vehicle of the same or greater value from our inventory to replace the one exhibiting issues.

131 Point Inspected Vehicle Warranty

Available to those vehicles that were initially reconditioned by Lexus Certified technicians according to the Lexus 131-Point Inspection, a 30-day powertrain warranty is included with the purchase. This is an extension to the exchange policy, which adds additional coverage for power train components such as:

  • The engine block and all internal components
  • Manual or automatic transmission and all internal components
  • Front and rear wheel drive systems
  • Four wheel drive systems
  • All seals, gaskets, fluids and filters
Powertrain Warranty Limits

Note that the 131-Point inspected vehicle warranty is limited by the total wholesale value of the vehicle, as well as a maximum benefits cap at $10,000.


The terms of the exchange policy covers vehicles with major mechanical problems and is otherwise returned in the same condition, as it was when it was initially delivered. The exchange policy does not cover damage done by the driver or any other third party, vehicles purchased for commercial use, or vehicles that have been repaired, altered or modified after being purchased. Any accessories installed to the initial vehicle that can be moved will be moved over to the new vehicle as well.

Drive A Lexus Today

Our showroom is always full of exciting new and certified pre-owned Lexus vehicles ready to show you a great ride, backed by the safety of our new warranty and exchange policies. Come on down to our location in west Edmonton at 11204 – 170th Street, or give us a call anytime at 1-866-936-8300 to talk to our staff.