2024 LEXUS GX 550

Introducing the all-new 2024 Lexus GX, a remarkable testament to luxury and performance that sets new standards in the world of SUVs. Built upon Lexus's unwavering commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, the 2024 GX exudes an unmistakable aura of sophistication and adventure. With its bold design, innovative features, and powerful performance capabilities, this next-generation SUV is poised to redefine the driving experience for discerning individuals who crave both refinement and exhilaration. Prepare to embark on a journey like no other as we delve into the extraordinary features that make the 2024 Lexus GX a true standout in its class.

  • First-ever Overtrail grade with standard 33-inch All-Terrain tires and 18-inch wheels.
  • 3.4L twin-turbo V6 produces 349 horsepower; 479 lb. -ft. of torque.
  • Hybrid powertrain to come later
  • Standard Lexus Safety System+ 3.0 and Lexus Interface with 14-inch multimedia touchscreen.
  • Up to 8,000 lbs. towing capacity.


The all-new 2024 GX offers a blend of ruggedness and luxury, providing a comfortable sanctuary for drivers and passengers on any journey. Its interior boasts a driver-focused cockpit design, ensuring a confident and distraction-free driving experience. The lower instrument panel design enhances visibility and seamlessly integrates with advanced technology, including the 14-inch Multimedia Touchscreen Display and Head-Up Display. With seating for up to 7, the GX incorporates ergonomic improvements and thoughtful touches throughout, along with ample storage space and charging options. The interior design reflects an earth-tone focus, available in luxurious leather and NuLuxe® trims. Advanced features such as wireless charging, premium sound systems, and various optional extras make the 2024 GX a true standout in its class.



The 2024 GX 550 will be available in six grades: Signature, Premium, Luxury, Executive, and the new Overtrail and Overtrail+ variants.

The latest GX features a square-body profile with a prominent horizontal design motif, continuing the Lexus spindle body concept at the front. To achieve a stable stance, the body has been tightened with a wider track and fender flares, and the front pillar base has been pulled toward the rear. Compared to the previous generation, the overall width has increased by 95 mm (115 mm for Overtrail). Premium Triple Beam LED headlamps and a raised grille opening enhance off-road functionality, while LED fog and cornering lamps improve visibility. The front overhang has been reduced by 20 mm, and the grille and headlamp integration exudes a powerful presence.

The Overtrail grades feature 33-inch tires with 18-inch wheels, ensuring optimal off-road performance. Premium and Luxury grades have an 83 mm wider rear tread, while the Overtrail grades boast a 103 mm increase. At the rear, the GX maintains its square and aggressive stance, complemented by the distinctive unified L-shaped light bar. The updated LEXUS logo, introduced on the 2022 NX, is prominently displayed. Responding to customer feedback, the all-new GX introduces a standard power rear lift door (a first for GX) with a pop-out window and an optional kick sensor for hands-free convenience.


Utilizing the same GA-F platform as the LX 600, the 2024 GX 550 benefits from a robust and lightweight ladder frame that enhances body rigidity and improves on-road handling, aligning with the essence of Lexus Driving Signature. To achieve superior performance both on and off the road, a newly engineered double-wishbone front suspension and a multi-link rear suspension have been implemented. The available Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) continuously adapts damping forces to accommodate varying road conditions. Additionally, the GX incorporates Electronic Power Steering (EPS) for enhanced steering responsiveness in both on-road and off-road environments.


The all-new GX offers two powertrain options to cater to diverse preferences. Initially, in North America, the GX will come equipped with a highly capable and efficient twin-turbocharged 3.4L V6 engine coupled with a 10-speed Direct Shift Automatic Transmission. This upgraded V6 generates an impressive 349 horsepower, surpassing the previous generation V8's 301 horsepower, and boasts a substantial torque output of 479 lb.-ft. The twin turbochargers ensure consistent acceleration and precise power delivery, whether on or off-road. Additionally, the towing capacity has been enhanced to 8,000 lbs. for Signature, Premium, and Overtrail grades with the standard tow hitch.

Furthermore, a hybrid powertrain option will be introduced in North America at a later date.


Lexus introduced the "Overtrail Project" at the Tokyo Outdoor Show to inspire nature exploration. The all-new Overtrail grade enhances the rugged exterior with unique styling and features. It offers eye-catching bi-tone exterior paint options, 33-inch All-Terrain tires, and specialized interior designs. The Overtrail models also provide advanced off-road systems like Multi-Terrain Select, Crawl Control, and an electronic locking rear differential for optimal traction.


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