Lexus Upgrade Early Program at Lexus of Edmonton



The Upgrade Early Program by Lexus of Edmonton

Do you currently have a Lexus Lease and are interested in upgrading into an all new or different Lexus model before your lease is due? Let us know!


The benefits of upgrading your Lexus Lease with us early:

+ A 1.5% Lease Loyalty rate break which offers you, our loyal guest, thousands of dollars in interest rate savings with no extra cost to you just for currently having a Lease with us. Example: 1.9%=0.4%

+ Upgrade your current Lexus to a brand new 2019 or 2020 model with new features and an upgraded look

+ Upgrade into a completely different model, colour combo, and trim level of your choice

+ A brand new full manufacture warranty

+ Possible positive equity in your current vehicle which goes as a down payment towards your next Lexus, or take it as cash back!

Flexible terms and payment options of your choice

Contact us and one of our Lease Managers will be in touch right away to assist you in our easy and flexible Upgrade Early program!

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