Learn the Benefits of Leasing a Car vs. Financing a Luxury Car

Why Lease a new car instead of Buying it outright? Is Leasing vs. Financing a car your better option? When you Lease your luxury car with Lexus of Edmonton there is little or no money down, no hidden costs, and you avoid paying the GST on your purchase up front. Unlike luxury car Financing, you don't need to Finance the entire capital cost of your vehicle, which leaves you with more cash on hand. Visit our leasing page for more information.

There are some key factors to consider before you decide to Lease vs. Buy a new car:

What is most important to you...LeasingBuying
Lower monthly paymentsYes
Lower up-front costsYes
Vehicle ownershipYes
More "car" for your monthly paymentYes
Driving your vehicle for many yearsYes
A new vehicle more oftenYes
No restrictions on KmsYes
Less resale or trade-in hasslesYes
No wear and tear restrictionsYes
The freedom to alter the vehicle's appearanceYes
Let's see how the numbers work:LeasingBuying
Balance to Finance$45,000$51,750
Lease End Value$20,000n/a
Base Payment$794.11$1,312.51
Total Payment$913.23$1,312.51
Monthly Savings$399.28n/a
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